Aerospace Baykee Assists CCCC– FHDI ENGINEERING in Building Intelligent Modular Data Center

The CCCC FHDI ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd, was founded in 1964. They have completed total of more than 1,000 large-scale engineering survey and design, engineering supervision, engineering management and general contracting projects at home and abroad, including 300,000 tons of oil terminals, 200,000 tons of ore terminals, 100,000 tons of container terminals, large-scale liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal storage and transportation stations and bridge projects, and many projects won the National Gold Award and Silver Award.

Now in the information society, the big data systems serve as an important support for management information. Having a data center with rapid deployment, flexible expansion and upgrade, and high management efficiency, and ensuring its safe and reliable operation is a top priority. For CCCC FHDI ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd, which is undertaking many large national projects, it is imperative to build an efficient and reliable data center.

Focusing on the core needs of customers, Aerospace Baykee has repeatedly visited the project site for surveys. Finally, a data center solution combining the combination of pool-level modules and tier-level modules was selected for CCCC FHDI ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd.

The building where the CCCC FHDI ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd located is 32 stories high. After careful argumentation, the 15th floor was selected as the convergence data room-a 6-cabinets single-row modular data room was configured to carry the convergence layer equipment for floor network communications; and the 19th floor was used as the core computer room-a dual-row pool-level modular computer room with 30-cabinets, which mainly carries core network communication and storage, servers and other equipment.

This solution adapts to local conditions, combines the advantages of pool-level modules and tier-level modules, and is more outstanding in improving the utilization rate of the data room and reducing the construction cost. The high quality and reliability have been fully recognized by users.

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