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BB-2590/U Li-Ion Battery

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The BB-2590/U power supply is mainly composed of two independent 14.4V (4 series, 3 parallel and 18650) lithium ion battery packs, which can be used in series or parallel for most 12V and 24V power supply systems.

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Each battery pack has its own functions such as: 

  • Power metering and power indication
  • Overvoltage and under-voltage protection
  • Charge and discharge over temperature protection
  • Discharge over-current (overload) and short-circuit protection
  • Charge control unit
  • Standard intelligent battery SBS V1.1 specification and communication interface.




  • Complies with SM Bus V1.1
  • Over Charging and over discharging protection circuit
  • Battery protection circuit module (PCM) incorporated
  • State of charger (SOC) display
  • Rugged military casing
  • Smart circuit technology
  • High energy Density
Nominal Voltage14.4/28.8V
Nominal Capacity8.2 Ah for each Section of 14.4V
Max Discharge6.0 A Per Section
Max Pulse Discharge15A (5 sec ON/25 sec OFF) / Section
Dimensions 127mm * 112mm * 62mm 
Weight1.45 Kg Approx.
Life CycleMin 300 cycles
Memory EffectNo memory effect
Discharge Temp-25°C to +55°C
Charging Temp0°C to +45°C
Storage Temp-30°C to +60°C
Shell ColorBeige
Terminals/ConnectorsFloating Type (As Per US Army Dwg)
State of Charge Indicator2 separate 5 Segment LCD Displays
  • Robotics, UAVs, Jammers
  • Surveillance / Sensors
  • SINCGARS &ATCS (AN / PRC -104, 119)