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TYN-M Series Modular Multi-System Hybrid Solar Inverter is an Intelligent Multi-function Power Supply designed by Aerospace Baykee for New Energy needs. It is internally powered by:

• Solar MPPT Controller

• Charger

• Rectifier

• Inverter

• Static Switch

• Main Control Circuit

• Display Alarm Circuit


• Grid-tie System

• Off-Grid System

• Hybrid System

• On-Grid Hybrid System

• Off-Grid Hybrid System

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Salient Features:

  • Multimode-Standard Design
  • Modular Technology: For easy Expansion and Redundancy
  • Hot Swappable: Reduce On-Site Repair and Maintenance time
  • High-Speed Static Switching
  • Bus MPPT Control Technology
  • Reverse Feeding Management
  • Intelligent Input Source Management
  • Large Touch Screen Display
  • User-Friendly Configuration: Parallel Operation up to 800 KW
  • Current Limiting Soft-Start Circuit: to reduce the Inrush Current
  • Intelligent Digital Control Technology: High-Speed DSP Microcontroller
  • Sixth Generation High-Speed Low-Loss IGBT
  • Intelligent Fault Detection Function and Communication
  • Superior Load Characteristics: 0 to 100% load transition without switching to bypass
  • High-Performance Dynamic Regulation: reduce output voltage distortion
  • Optional Battery Inspection Module

Basic System Topology:

The hybrid solar inverter power system consists of solar energy (including photovoltaic modules, solar installation bracket, PV combiner box, etc.), mains power, multi-mode modular inverter (including MPPT controller, inverter, static bypass), battery pack, and battery management system, and input, output distribution, etc. This inverter can power all kinds of appliances in-home or office environments, including motor-type appliances. The input sources can be Grid, Genset, or Solar. For backup, Lithium-Ion Battery Bank is used with Battery Management System (BMS). Cloud Monitoring enables users to remotely monitor the system. The following illustration shows the basic system topology for the TYN-M inverter.


The Working Principle:

Basic Circuit Diagram of BK TYN-M Inverter shows the path followed by energy to flow in different working modes of the system.

Rated Output Power  10KW 20KW 60KW 100KW 200KW
Operating Mode Solar Energy, AC Hybrid Energy STorage Inverter Power Supply
Working Order Solar Energy——Grid——Battery
Technology High Frequency
Isolation Transformer Optional
Power Module Model TYNM-20K-PM
Configurable number of Power Modules 1 Set 1~3 Set 1~5 Set 1~10 Set
Maximum Input Power 5KW×2 10KW×2 10KW×6 10KW×10 10KW×20
Rated Operating Voltage 500V
Maximum Input Voltage 800V
MPPT Range 400~800V
Maximum Input Current 20A×2
Number of Input Channels 2 Channels 6 Channels 10 Channels 20 Channels
Rated Operating Voltage L-L:380/400/415 Vac,L-N:220/230/240 Vac 3Phase 4Wire(or single phase 2 wire) + PE
Rated Operating Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Voltage Range ±25%,-40%(Half Load)
Input Frequency Range ±10%
Input Power Factor ≥0.95(20~50% Load)≥0.99(100% Load)
Total Harmonics Distortion (THD)(2~39 times) ≤3%(100% Load)
Maximum Input Power 15KW 30KW 90KW 150KW 300KW
Maximum Output Power 10KW 20KW 60KW 100KW 200KW
Maximum Input Current 22.5A 45A 135A 225A 450A
Grid Current DC Component ≤0.5% Rated DC Current
Isolation Protection Time 2s
Generator Mode Yes
Rated Operating Voltage L-L:380/400/415 Vac,L-N:220/230/240 Vac 3Phase 4Wire(or single phase 2 wire) + PE
Rated Operating Frequency 50/60Hz±0.5Hz
Output Regulation Accuracy ≤±1%
Frequency Tracking Rate 0.2Hz/s~2Hz/s
Waveform Distortion Sine Wave, Distortion:≤3%(Linear Load)≤5%(Non Linear Load)
Output DC Component ≤1%
Three Phase Voltage Phase Deviation
Dynamic Transient Characteristics Inverter output dynamic transient range is less than ±10%,Transient recovery time <20mS
Crest Factor 3:1
Overload Capability 1 minute delay for 125% overloading, Immediate Protection at150% Overloading
Working Standard Three In Three Out, Three In Single Out, Single In Single Out,  Single In Three Out (Optional)
Operation Mode ON-Grid/OFF Grid/Hybrid Mode
Parallel No Load Circulation ≤5%
Parallel Current Imbalance ≤5%
Self-Aging Function 25%,50%,75%,100%(Four Set Optional)
Rated Voltage 240V (192V~288V Adjustable)
Maximum Current 60A 120A 360A 600A 1200A
Battery Type Lead Acid Battery, Lithium Battery (Or similar one)
Battery Capacity Configurable
Charging Mode Temperature-compensated constant current, Constant pressure (three-stage @ lead-acid battery)
Floating Charge 2.25V±1% /cell(@25℃, Lead-acid batteries)
Average Charging Voltage 2.34V±1% /cell(@25℃, Lead-acid batteries)
Temperature Compensation -3mV/℃/cell(@Lead-acid batteries)
Maximum Charging Power ≤50%(Adjustable),Scalable external isolation charger
Switching Time 0ms
Inverter Efficiency ≥95%
Protection Reverse battery protection, PV reverse connection protection, output short circuit, overload, over and under voltage, phase sequence, over temperature, fan failure, etc.
Heat Dissipation Method Temperature-controlled air cooling
Protection Level IP20
Operating Environment Temperature -20~50℃
Relative Humidity 30%~95%(No condensation)
Operational Height (Max.) <1000 m(1% decrease in power per 100 meters, Maximum Height 4000 m)
Isolation Transformer Optional
Installation Method Based on customer’s requirements and the project site condition
Dimension W*D*H (mm) 800*200*1100 600*800* 1200 600*800* 1800 600*800* 2200