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HTT Series Brief

Baykee HTT Series UPS adopt double conversion true online architectural design, is the best architectural design which can solve all power supply problems.  HTT Series UPS can effectively block that abnormal power supply to shock loads., meantime, assure output power supply stability, precision, reliability. providing various loads with safe and efficient power supplies. Baykee HTT series is the latest 3-phase input and 3-phase output UPS which adopts digital control technology and epitomizes state-of-art technological results of contemporary electronic and automatic control areas.

Small and medium-sized data centers, Network management center, Computer rooms for enterprises, Control center for Manufacture, Transportation, Energy source etc. field, And for industrial precision production and test equipment(like SMT, AI equipment).

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Main Features

1.DSP control, Double conversion true online three phase input three phase output UPS

2.Through filter, PFC, and convert AC into DC, and then DC is converted into AC output by inverter.

3.Adopt Similar to modular design, integrate the every phase power parts into the same PCB boards. But not whole module design.

4.Advanced adaptive feedforward offset control, achieves very low harmonic distortion

5.Good input current harmonic distortion THDi<1%

6.Input Power Factor: 0.99@10% load

7.Efficiency: 95%

8.Compact design, High space use

9.In front of the operation design, ease of maintenance and replacement

10.Can set input/output single phase/three phase

11.Compatible with various types of loads

12.Can 4pcs in parallel

13.With kinds of communication interface

14.More than 60% recyclable material

15.Display the remaining discharge time

16. Digital LCD display, beautiful and easy to operate

17.Compatible with many languages

18.This series max. power is 200kVA

Mains input(AC )

Phase3 phase +N+PE
Voltage range291~492 V(line-line) full load; 200V~291V linearly decrease
Frequency range35Hz~70Hz
THDi<3% (full linear load)
Power factor0.995
Bypass range -10%~10% (can customized -10%~-30%, +10%~+20%)

Connection typepositive series and negative series battery
Rated voltage10kVA~20kVA, 240vdc, the 30kVA and above is +/- 240VDC (positive and negative each 20pcs*12V series), can customized
Battery number40pcs/set (can customize 30~50pcs/set even optional)
Charging current20% system power (battery capacity)

Output voltage380VAC 3 phase+N+PE
Voltage regulation  <+/-1%
Phase lock range 50Hz/60Hz+/-5Hz(self frequency 50Hz/60Hz+/-0.01Hz)
Output frequency50Hz/60Hz+/-0.01(turn into mains frequency if phase locked)
Power factor0.8 or 110.910.9
Crest factor3:1
THDuTHD<2.0% (linear load), THD<3%(non-linear load)
Three phase voltage
unbalance degree
balance load: 0.5%  100% unbalance load : 1%
Dynamic voltage
transient range
Transient Recorery Time 0ms
Three phase
voltage deviation
mains:0.4;  battery :0.3
Transfer timemains to battery: 0ms;  inverter to bypass: 0ms
Overload capacity125% for 10min: 150% for 1min; >150% for 200ms (linear load)
System efficiency >96% >95%
Environment indicator

Noise <65dB @100%load, cooling fan adopt intelligent speed control
Displaytouch screen LCD+LED
Interfacestandard: RS232, RS485, dry contacts, SNMP card optional
Operation temperaturetemperature: -10C ~+40C; humidity 0%~98%; storage temperature -25C~+75C         Altitude(m): <1000, 1000m-2000m above every 100m reduce 1%
IP classIP30( Removable dust filter)
Physical specifications

Cabinet size (W*D*H)420*750*880
Cabinet weight kG707075808585210230235250415460520620920
NOTES:  subject to change without further notice!