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HTT-P Series Brief

The HTT series P-type 15-400K UPS is a true online double-conversion, static, three-phase uninterruptible power supply system. Using IGBT power conversion technology of Vienna topology, ABM intelligent battery management system and other worlds. Advanced technology, combined with the world’s mainstream trends of green, environmental protection, energy saving and the industry’s advanced module technology, with excellent technical indicators, can effectively block the impact of abnormal power supply on the load, and provide reliable, pure and stable uninterrupted output power.

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HTT Series P-type 15-400K UPS

Energy sharing and mutual aid design: The battery modules work in both directions in the mains mode, can be charged or discharged. When the input rectifier reaches the set value of power, the battery module stops charging, and the reverse operation enters the discharge mode to help the rectifier supply energy to the inverter.

Power Walk In function: adopts the complete Power Walk In function, which can greatly reduce the impact on the equipment and the grid, improve the service life of the BUS capacitor, to provide a safe and stable output power for the load. . Convenient access to generator equipment of various capacities, smooth and excessive.

10.5 inch touch screen display, independent research and development of Orange interface.

Intelligent battery management technology: ABM intelligent three-stage battery charge and discharge management technology, ultra-wide input range, reduce the number of switching battery modes, protect the battery, 3-stage charging, activate battery activity, effectively extend battery life by more than 30% . Intelligent battery management, annual inspection monthly inspection, early warning, improve system reliability.

Simple parallel mode.

  • Medium and Large Data Centers
  • Computer Room Communication Base Stations
  • Automation Control Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Radio and Television Systems
  • Medical Systems etc.