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Lithium-ion battery pack for communication backup system and UPS system


High energy density, small size, light weight, excellent safety performance and high reliability, long calendar life, with intelligent management system, green energy.

Short-term backup application can be configured.

Less 1 hours backup time can be configured.

Super low temperature charge and discharge performance, can achieve ultra low temperature charging.

Long cycle life (see technical data sheet).

Battery Management System (BMS) with multiple protection functions.

Communication between lithium battery pack and equipment (CAN communication interface).

Battery system operation alarm, alarm local display and reporting function.

Battery management system with self-diagnostics.

Feasible storage records 30 days of historical data.

Can be in parallel to expand capacity.

LCD display is optional.

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Application Area:

UPS / Inverter power

Center room

High-voltage DC backup power supply

Communication indoor and outdoor base station

Other communication backup power areas

Lithium Battery Pack Technical Parameters
Battery Module Specification:
 Lithium Battery Module ModelMFP48100-FMFP9643-F
 Cell Specification50Ah43Ah
 Nominal Capacity (C)100Ah43Ah
 Standard Charge Current0.5C1C
Maximum Continuous Charge Current1C2C
Standard Discharge Current1C2C
Absolute Charging Temperature0~60℃-30℃~60℃
Absolute Discharge Temperature-20℃~60℃-35℃~60℃
 Storage Temperature-40℃~60℃-40℃~60℃
 Storage HumidityRH 0%~90%, Non-condensing
Cycle Service Life≥2000 cycles, According to the standard charge

and discharge cycle (25℃ environment, 1C/1C),

the capacity is attenuated to 80% of

the nominal capacity.

≥4500 cycles, According to the standard charge and discharge cycle (25℃ environment, 1C/1C), the capacity is attenuated to 80% of the nominal capacity.
High Voltage Control Unit
High Voltage Control UnitCFP19243-TCFP192100-TCFP240100-TCFP38443-TCFP384100-T
 Nominal Voltage192V192V240V384V384V
Charge Cut-off Voltage219V219V273.75V438V438V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage168V168V210V336V336V
Charging Current Limiting43A50A50A43A50A

(Lithium Battery Manage System) Function

Protection: Total voltage overvoltage protection, Single cell voltage overvoltage protection, Total voltage undervoltage protection, Single cell voltage under voltage protection, Charging overcurrent protection, Discharge overcurrent protection, Over temperature protection.

Monitoring: 1,Detection of single cell voltage; 2,Detection of battery cell temperature; 3,Detection of total current of battery pack; 4,Detection of total battery voltage; 5,Insulation monitoring; 6, SOC, SOH estimation.

Control: 1,Digital output expansion, digital input detection (provide 6 lines of dry contact control, 2 lines of OC output control, 4 lines of DI signal detection); 2,Equalization control (passive equalization, equalization current > 50mA).

Storage: Information storage (SOC, SOH, fault code, single cell collected data, temperature collected data, total voltage, total current and so on real-time data, and historical alarms and critical faults information).

Feedback: Diagnose and alarm for the battery faults such as overvoltage, under voltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, SOC too low or too high, and consistency faults.

Application: Can be single cluster use, or multi-clusters of battery packs in parallel use, and can realize  8 clusters in parallel connected (multiple clusters are recommended to increase PCS).

Lithium Battery Pack General Specification
Configuration Module NoMFP9643-F*2MFP48100-F*4MFP48100-F*5MFP9643-F*4MFP48100-F*8
Configuration High Voltage Control UnitNoCFP19243-TCFP192100-TCFP240100-TCFP38443-TCFP384100-T
Weight (Kg)45Kg110Kg200Kg250Kg200Kg380Kg
Network Cabinet Size (mm) (optional)420*420*132600*600*1000600*600*1200600*600*1800