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MP3100 Series Brief

MP3100 series UPS is the new generation transformer based true online double conversion full digital controlled UPS. This series UPS adopts high-speed microprocessor (MCU), Programmable logic device (CPLD) program which are controlled by software, the sixth generation low-exhaust and big-power IGBT and static switch as power components. This series product combines the world’s newest control spare parts and the most advanced software. It is designed to meet high availability and high power quality needs of a wide variety of critical applications

MP3100 is widely used in telecom, bank, security, transporting, utility, manufacture, industry, commerce, government, medical equipment etc.

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※ LED+LCD display, make the operation easier via LCD panel

※ Low frequency true online double-conversion technology

※ Wide input voltage range, compatible with different utilities

※ Advanced digital circuit system design, increase the ups stability

※ Advanced & Intelligent battery management, extend the battery life

※ Intelligent inspection system, inspect all kinds of ups work status

※ High precision SMD technique, improve the circuit reliability and running precision

※ IGBT PWM inverter technology, provide the highest quality output power, efficiency is higher to 92%

※ Static bypass operation, provide safe failure to mains if ups is overloaded or develops a fault

※ Manual bypass operation, make the technical personnel work on faulty UPS, safe to change the inner units

※ 256 real time event log with detailed parameters

※ Standard RS232 & RS485, optional dry contacts or SNMP card for remote control.

※ Excellent load characters, Fulfill saltus from 0-100% without switching to bypass, safeguard stable output

※ Input & output voltage, battery charge & discharge, temperature, short Circuit and overload etc. protections

※ Can Choose UPS, ECO, or Inverter Work Mode

※ Auto restart function

※ Perfect generator compatibility

※ Optional EPO function

※ Optional Battery detecting module

※ Optional N+1 Redundancy Parallel, increase system’s reliability

Power Watt4.8kW8kW12kW16kW20kW24kW32kW40kW48kW64kW80kW96kW
Working PrincipleLow Frequency  Transformer Based True On Line-Double Conversion
PhaseThree Phase
Input Power FactorStandard > 0.9 ( 6pulse Rectifier+ Filter ),  Optional >0.96 ( 12pulse Rectifier+ Filter)
Input Voltage Range220/380VAC (230V/400VAC or 240V/415VAC)±25% 3P+N+PE
Input Frequency Range50Hz±10% / 60Hz±10% (Selectable)
Output Ripple<2%
Soft Start0~100% 5sec
Charging ModeConstant current, then constant voltage, and charge with temperature compensation, automatic switch Between Equalized charging and Float charging
Float Charging Voltage405VDC
Equalized Charging Voltage432VDC
Temp. Compensated Voltage-3mV/℃/cell
Charging Current0.1C ( Automatic adjust according to battery capacity)
TypeVRLA/AGM/Gel, optional Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity7~999AH settable ( Choose Battery Capacity according to Back-up Time )
Quantity30units 12V or 180units 2V batteries (Nominal Voltage 360VDC)
Temperature20ºC~25ºC (For Maximum Efficiency)
PhaseSingle Phase
Rated VoltageRated Capacity*0.9
Nominal Voltage220VAC (230VAC or 240VAC), 1P + N
Output Voltage Regulated Accuracy±1 %( Stable load), ±3%( fluctuant load)
Output Frequency Range50Hz 60Hz<±0.5% ( Asynchronous )
Crest Factor> 3:1
Output Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)Pure Sine Wave, Linear Load < 3%, Non-Linear Load<5%
Dynamic CharacteristicsInstant voltage<±5% ( from 0 to100% ), Instant recover time<10ms
Unbalanced Load Voltage< ± 5%
Overload CapacityAt 115% load, normal work, At 125% load 10 min, At 150% load 1min, At 200% load 1S
Inverter Efficiency>93% ( full load )
PhaseSingle Phase
By-pass Input Voltage220/380VAC (230V/400VAC or 240V/415VAC)
By-pass Output Voltage220VAC (230VAC or 240VAC)
Transfer Time0ms( adopt static switch )
Input ProtectionInput voltage, frequency over limited protection, Phase fault, Phase lack
Output ProtectionOver current, short circuit, over voltage, low voltage
Battery ProtectionOver charge, over-discharge protection
Temperature ProtectionEnvironment over temperature protection, inverter over temperature protection
Hardware Fault ProtectionAssistant power abnormal, breaker cut off, breaker overload, power devices over current/over voltage etc protection
Working EnvironmentTemp: -10~40ºC, relative humidity: 30%~90%, Altitude<2000m ( 1% decrease against 100 meters’ rise, max. altitude 4000m )
Communication InterfaceRS232/ RS485, optional dry contact, SNMP card ( for remote control via internet )
Parallel OperationTandem hot backup or parallel connection
Auto-surge Capacity10/700μS, 5KV;  8/20μS, 20KA
Protection LevelIP21
Safety PerformanceVin-n V out-n 2000Vac, creepage<10mA , insulating resistance>2MΩ(500VDC)
Noise (dB)45~5050~5555~5855~60
Dimension (W*D*H) mm450*600*1200600*720*1520980*800*1800
Weight (Kg)65168183210241246338388420570640720
※200V-208V-220V ( Ph-Ph ) Input and 100V-110V-120V Output Version is available
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