Active Power Filter(APF) 380V/690V-40%~+20% (three phase voltage)

Active Power Filter(APF) 380V/690V-40%~+20% (three phase voltage)

Brief Introduction

Active Power Filter is a new electric power harmonic management dedicated device, which adopts modern power electronics technology and the digital Signal processing technique in the Digital Signal Processor (DSP). This Filter can overcome the traditional Filter, like LC Filter etc. Shortcomings of harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation, achieve dynamic tracing compensation and fill the harmonic, reactive power. The main function is managing the current harmonic, Series active Filter is mainly managing the voltage harmonic.
Active Power Filter is widely applied for industry, commerce and organizations in power networks. Example, electric system, water treatment equipment, petrochemical enterprise, huge mall and office building, precision electronic enterprise, airport/port power supply system, medical institutions. According to different application object, active filter can  ensure power supply reliability, reduce the interference and improve the product quality, increase equipment life, reduce equipment damage, and so on.

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Advantages and features:

1. >97% work efficiency, low loss and green energy saving.

2. Filter from 2th to 50th times harmonics simultaneously, or Selection of every harmonic from  2th to 50th times harmonics.

3. Reaction time<100μs, response time<10ms.

4. Active filter range is from 25A to 600A

5. Available in modular designs and complete cabinet type

6. Selection of specific times harmonic suppression.

7. Reactive power compensation and unbalanced load etc. three model.

8. Adopt 3DSP+CPLD full digital control mode, filter out harmonic precisely.

9. 3-level topology inverter circuit Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and instantaneous reactive power two calculation methods.

10. Modular design, the system is stable, affordable – 40% ~ + 40% voltage fluctuation, better quality, reduce system’s single fault points, parallel flexibly, and to adapt to different working conditions

Functional Performance:

1. 3.8 inch fully functional LCD monitor and control system, enhanced version PC software.
2.Small compact, rack, wall mounting designs can adapt to different installing conditions, save space and protect environment.

Product Model BK-25A BK-35A BK-50A BK-60A BK-100A
Basic parameter Compensation Capacity 25A 35A 50A 60A 100A
Network Configuration Three phases and three lines (3P3W), three phases and four lines (3P4W)
Available Voltage Level 380V-690V
Input Voltage Range (V) 380V/690V-40%~+20% (three phase voltage)
Input Frequency Range (Hz) 50/ 60HZ +/ -5%
Size (mm, W*D*H) 260* 455* 200 440* 630* 176 440* 575* 232
Permitted parallel units No limited
Net Weight (Kg) 16 28 40
Mounting Type Wall-mounted or rack-mounted Cabinet
Enter-wire Way Top Enter-wire Way/Back Enter-wire Way
Noise (dB) <54 <56 <58
Cooling Method Intelligent air cooling


Intelligent air cooling


Intelligent air cooling


Running Temperature -5℃~+45℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Indoor Relative Humidity Maximum 95%, non-condensing
Altitude ≤1500m, between 1,500m and 4,000m, altitude adds 100m while power reduce 1% according to national standard GB/T3859.2
Protection IP20,(other classes upon request)
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures>100,000 hours
Ct connecting wire way Source side and load side
Key Index Harmonic compensation range 2nd~50th order (individual selectable)
Switching Frequency 20KHz
Control method
Topological structure 3phase
Efficiency ≧97%
Response time Instant response time<100us, full response time<10ms
Reactive power compensation Yes
Compensated 3 phase unbalanced loads Yes
Overload Protection Yes, automatic limited current, 100% rated output
Extended Function Human-computer Interface 3.8’’ LCD, 12 lines, and can display harmonic waves waveform
Communication Protocol Ethernet network, RS485, Modbus protocol, dry contacts
PC Software Yes, can set up all parameters
Fault Record Yes, 500 records