GFM Series Solar Battery 12V Anti-corrosion 10Years lifespan

GFM Series Solar Battery 12V Anti-corrosion 10Years lifespan

Product Features

BAYKEE GELVRLA battery adopts high-tin alloy grid which enhance corrosion resistance of plates and lengthen the service life.
High-tight assembly technics and supporting equipments greatly improve charge acceptance and high current discharge performance.;
Precision vacuum acid filling method,advanced and
environmentally friendly container formation technics ensures battery consistency effectively.
Post seal structures adopt patented technology of seal structure and high-temperature curing epoxy adhesive, which ensure battery safety and reliability.

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Product Structure and Working Principle

Cathode absorption sealed maintenance-free VRLA battery consists of ABS case,grid type plate, AGM separator and electrolyte.

Application Fields

Solar photovoltaic energy field, electric wheelchairs field, medical equipment field, washing machines field and so on.

Type GELVRLA Battery
Nominal Voltage 12V
Rated Capacity 100Ah(10 Hr,10.8V,25℃)
Approx Dimensions(mm)
Design Life Time ≥10 years
Approx Weight(kg) 29.5kg
Applicable Temperature -40℃~60℃
Optimum Temperature 20℃~25℃
Self-discharge Self-discharge rate<0.1% per day ( 20℃ )
Materials for Battery Containers and Covers ABS
Screw Hole Size (mm) M6
Reference Installation Dimension According to Clients’ Requirements