NK Series Solar Home Inverter

NK Series Solar Home Inverter

Salient Features

  • MPPT to track solar MAX power
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Can power all kinds of appliances in home or office environment.
  • Technical parameters are conveniently displayed on the LCD.
  • Have capacity cumulative function, can view real-time accumulated generating capacity.
  • Have overcharge, over-discharge, overload, short-circuit, low voltage, overheat protection function.
  • Can choose Wind & Solar Energy Hybrid power supply system (Optional).
  • Can set charge voltage, current, switch-point, etc through LCD.
  • Have AC first and DC first running modes, and can also work into standby mode.
  • Have perfect protection mechanism and self-starting function.

Basic System Architecture

The following illustration shows basic application for this inverter.It also includes following devices to have a complete running system:
This inverter can power all kinds of appliances in home or office environment,including motor-type appliances such as tube light,fan,refrigerator and air conditioner.


The Principle Diagram

1.DC first mode:
When the solar energy is sufficient,it will charge the batteries and at the same time power the load in Pure Sinewave AC Output form(Fig 1).
When the Battery Bank has been discharged up to certain level(default 48V) and Grid is available,the system will switch to AC working mode(Bypass).If however,Grid is not available the Battery Bank will continues to discharge until the protection level(Fig 2).
When the battery voltage is recovered to the Recovery point(default 55V) , the system will switch to Inverter mode automatically .
2.AC first mode(Fig 3):
Whenever AC input is normal,the system will run into AC working mode(Bypass) ,when AC input is abnormal,the system will work as Inverter mode.
3.SAVER mode(Fig 4):


6.Product Information

The front panel:
If the SAVER switch turn on,the system will work into SAVER mode,at the same time, the output will be shut,and the solar will charge the battery.

①AC indicator(GREEN=Grid Normal;OFF=Grid Abnormal)
② Solar indicator(GREEN=PV normal;OFF=PV abnormal)
③ Wind indicator(Only available in NKW series)
④ Battery indicator(GREEN=Battery Voltage Normal;RED=Battery Voltage Low)
⑤Inverter indicator(GREEN=System Working Normally;OFF=No Output)
⑥ Fault indicator(RED=System At Fault;OFF=No Fault)
⑦ Power on/off button(Long press 2 seconds or more to turn on,and long press 2 seconds
until the buzzer ring to shut down .If solar or Grid is normal this button will not work)
⑧ Setting button
⑨ Select button
⑩ Flip screen button
NOTE:Having solar or mains input,the system will start automatically


Capacity 3000W 5000W
Battery Voltage DC48V DC48V
Input voltage  waveform Pure Sine Wave(mains or generator)
Input voltage 220Vac
Working voltage range (165–265)Vac
Frequency range (45-65)Hz
Bypass output Voltage waveform Same as Input Waveform
Overload protection Breaker On
Short circuit protection Breaker On
Power efficiency >95%
Switching  time (AC to DC) 5ms
Switching time(DC to AC) 5ms
Bypass Max input current 17A/28A
MAX charge BAT current 20A/32A
Output voltage waveform Pure sine wave
Rated output capacity(VA) 3000 5000
Rated output power(W) 3000 5000
PF 0.9~1.0
Rated output voltage(V) 220Vac
Rated output frequency (Hz) 50Hz ± 0.1Hz
Auto track main frequency(Hz) Yes (from the first start) ; 50Hz @45-55Hz ;60Hz @55-65Hz
Output voltage range ±2% rms
Efficient >80%
Overload protection (100%
Peak capacity 6000VA 10000VA
Rated DC input voltage 48V
Min DC voltage 40V
Low DC Alarm Voltage (44.0±1)Vdc
Low DC Cut-off Voltage (40–44)Vdc
High DC Cut-off Voltage (63.0±1)Vdc
High DC Recovery Voltage (61.0±1)Vdc
No Load Power Consumption ≤5%
Standby Power Consumption ≤0.5%
PV input OC voltage range (75–150)Vdc
MAX input current 40A
MPPT output current(MAX) 60A 100A
 Charging Battery Current (20–60)A (20–99)A
Temperature coefficient -18mV/℃/12V
Auto temperature compensation Setting value-(MAX -25℃)*0.018
Output voltage lines wave-peak 200mV
Type Wall Mount Wall Mount
Net Weight (kg) 32 45
Size (mm) 600*310*180 650*360*180
Humidity <90%
Operating Temperature 0℃–55℃; within 35℃–55℃,the rated output power had to reduce 2% when the temperature increase 1℃

(if overload,the system maybe reduce the power automatically,even shut down)

Storage Temperature -15℃–60℃
Altitude <3000m(more than 1000m,the rating power of each increase of 1000m decreased by 10%)