TYN1100 Series Hybrid Solar Inverter Single Phase

TYN1100 Series Hybrid Solar Inverter Single Phase

TYN1100 Series Brief

TYN1100 series solar inverter is a single phase inverter, which range from 6KVA to 20KVA, This inverter is a multifunctional intelligent power supply, which consists of MPPT solar controller, charger, rectifier, inverter, static transfer switch, main control circuit and display alarming circuit. It can set different inverter work mode according to users’ actual application.

Two Work Mode

1. PV—Grid—Battery: This series solar inverter is designed for real-time sharing function between solar power and utility power. Solar power priority, solar power supply power to inverter via MPPT controller, and then output pure sine wave AC power to load via inverter, meanwhile charge battery. When solar power is not enough, the utility power will supply power to load. In this way, we can maximum use solar power and utility power, reduce battery discharge time and extend battery lifespan.
2. PV-Battery-Grid ( Maximum use solar power under the stable environment of utility power ): Solar power supply power to inverter via MPPT controller, and then output pure sine wave AC power to load via inverter, meanwhile charge battery. When the solar power is not enough, to maximum use solar power, the battery will supply power to load. When the battery is discharged to a value, the utility power will supply power to load. The users can maximum use solar power, reduce grid power supply and save electricity.

Main Feature

High efficiency IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)inverter technology: the 6th generation IGBT has the nature of lower saturation voltage drop, higher efficiency of inverter, lower heat, more reliable.

Instinctive LED status display, work status can be seen at a glance by workflow indicator.

Perfect protection function:  Input/output over/low voltage protection, input surge protection, phase protection, battery overcharge-over discharge protection, output overload shortcut protection, overheat protection and alerting.

Two charging mode: AC charging mode and solar charging mode, solar charging priority. Can choose AC charging current 0A-3A-6A by panel switch

Can choose two work mode:  Solar-Grid-Battery, Solar –battery-Grid, Can choose it by LCD screen

Solar power & Grid power priority (when battery voltage is 11.2v, low voltage and power off), Under no grid power, solar power is normal, it can automatic restart the inverter (single cell voltage 12.5v automatic restart)

Intelligent communicate:  With RS232 and RS485 standard collocation, optional SNMP and dry contact.

Selectable battery inspection module – Can test the single parameter and display on the LCD, battery failure will immediately alarm and inform the administrator.

Model TYN1106K TYN1110K TYN1115K TYN1120K
Capacity (KVA) 6kVA 10kVA 15kVA 20kVA
Power ( Watts ) 4.8kW 8kW 12kW 16kW
Grid (AC Input)
Max input current (A) 37 61 91 121
Type Single Phase ( P+N+PE ), 220VAC
Input voltage 220/230/240VAC±25%
Input frequency 220/230/240VAC±25%  (100/110/120VAC is optional)
Charge voltage 219V±1%
Charge current 0-3A-6A, Can adjust through panel switch
PV1 300VDC — 400VDC (2 groups max)
PV2 300VDC — 400VDC
Charge current 20A max (PV1)
Type Maintenance free lead-acid battery (other type battery need customize )
Battery voltage 192VDC
Battery capacity According to backup time
Battery low voltage


Inverter (Output)
Inverter output waveform Pure sine wave, THD<3% (linear load)
Inverter voltage 220/230/240VAC±1%(stable load), 220/230/240VAC±5% (load fluctuation), (100/110/120VAC is optional)
Frequency 50/60Hz±0.5%
Dynamic feature Inverter output transient dynamic range less than±5%,recovery time <20mS
Crest factor 3:1
Overload protection (Inverter output)125% overload, delay 1mins protect, 150% overload,  immediate protect
Inverter efficiency >90% ( 100% load )
System Parameters
Transfer time <0.5ms ( inverter–bypass )
Protection Output short circuit, overload, overvoltage, under voltage,

over temperature etc protection, have audible and visual alarm

Display LCD display input and output voltage, output current, the inverter voltage, frequency, output current, battery voltage, PV voltage, PV charging current, temperature mode, flowcharts, current work status,      event record and system information
Operating environment Temperature 0-40℃
Relative humidity 30%-95%
Work sequence Solar-Grid-Battery or Solar –battery-Grid, Can choose one of the mode via  LCD panel
Operation altitude (


<1000 meters ( per increase 100 meters power decrease 1%, at most 4000 meters )
Computer communicate interface RS232/RS485
Cooling method force-air cooling
Size W×D×H (unit: mm) 300*570*850 350*600*850
Weight (kg) 108 146 162 178