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About Us

Aerospace BAYKEE (Guangdong) Technology Co, Ltd is the leading high-power supply manufacturer, dedicated to provide high-end power products and integrated solutions to its customers. So, far have two production bases, 85 first-grade subsidiary, 5 regional technical service centers in China. Through its extensive R&D, company also have 53 technology invention patents. Based on the most advanced and most stable technology system, BAYKEE provide the best quality UPS products, Off Grid, Grid tied and Hybrid Solar Inverters, Regulated Power Supply, Frequency Conversion Power, VRLA and Lithium Ion batteries and many other products.

In Pakistan we are operating as Aerospace Baykee Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, an overseas office of Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co, Ltd. Currently we are working as Manufacturers, Importers,  Suppliers, Back End Service Providers, System Designers,  Integrators and Installers. Since inception of BAYKEE in PAKISTAN, We are committed to bring prosperity to our motherland through Vital Economic Growth. BAYKEE PAKISTAN is focusing on bringing Pakistan to International Pace through Transfer of Technology. We are participating in National Growth by creating Employment Opportunities and in Commercial Growth by providing High Quality, Reliable and Affordable products.

BAYKEE PAKISTAN is taking one step forward in its dream to replicate its China’s Production Facility in Pakistan. As we are also targeting UAE, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and other global markets, so this step will help to increase exports of the country and shrink the Trade Imbalance. We are fully motivated to make this dream come true. In first phase BAYKEE PAKISTAN is soon going to start an Assembly Line which will be transformed to a proper Production Facility.

We are Committed to Serve our Homeland and We BELIEVE WE CAN…!

Introductory Vedio

What sets us Apart?

BAYKEE Other Providers
Manufacturers/Company Owned Office in Pakistan Distributors/Importers, OEM from other manufacturers
Solution Providers as per customer’s requirement Aftermarket
Custom-Made Products Ready Made Products
Can Provide after sales Services Independently Dependent on manufacturers
Availability of Parts/Software even for Old Models No Spare Parts/No Software
Product Trainings for Corporate Customers in Pakistan & China No Trainings Even for Importers
Possibility to Visit Manufacturing Facility No Possibility
Principle warranty Local Warranty

Proving Leadership

Bakyee is approaching Pakistan to extend cooperation, promote cultural ties and provide high-quality power supply and Solar PV System products to help in resolving energy crisis and load-shedding in the country. The company is dedicated to providing our clients with high-end technology, products and integration solutions.

We have successfully served Guangzhou Asian Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Tower, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Wuhan-GuangZhou High-Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High-Railway, Yuxiang Highway, Yuezhang Highway, Guiguang highway and many other large Government and private projects of China.

Continuous Innovation

Baykee is based over 2 production bases, 85 first-grade subsidiaries, 5 regional technical service centers, and has established strategic cooperative relations with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company also boasts 15 different technological invention patents based on the most advanced and most stable technology.

We believe in continuous progress, R&D, adoption of the latest technologies, following strictly scientific protocols in everyday work and will strive to deliver the lastest, most efficient and innovation products to our customers.


Customer Satisfaction

The company establishes regional service centers and large service network covering major cities to gain customer-feedback and instantly provide necessary support.

With its comprehensive technical advantages – trained specialists, expert technicians, strong principles and superior service platform – Baykee has successfully served steel, machinery, metallurgy, petrifaction, port, petroleum and natural gas, electricity, bank and many other industries.


International Standards

All of our products are manufactured in line with the latest Quality Managament System (QMS) and Environmental Management Standard (EMS) and ahdere strictly to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001 Certifications.
The products pass through stringest quality control testing, debugging and other authentications. We make sure each product has achieved an excellent Quality Testing Index (QTI) and are in line with TLC Authentication, CE Certification, CB Certification, the Chinese Energy Conservation (CEC) and others quality testing controls.
All our products are manufactured to the highest standards worth the trust of our customers.

Why Choose Us

With 10 years’ expertise in power technology, Baykee’s products have been installed in more than 80 countries and areas. Baykee is continously striving for

  • High and new technology innovation
  • Efforts to improve electrical quality and environment
  • Green environmental protection new energy
  • Having  inventions and creating patents
  • Developing team of technical engineers, experts and employees.
  • Advanced softwares and utility model patents


International Customers

Local Customers