Baykee High Efficiency PV Solar System

Baykee 200kVA solar system has been successfully working in Pakistan Naval Base for more than a year,  technician Mr.Xu and overseas manager Jacky from China have joined the installation and testing team to make sure the whole system works properly.

From design to the final stage, the whole system designing took almost half of the year. Expert technician team headquarters in Foshan offer the design and technician support and the Pakistan branch offers the installation support and guidance. Before the project started, our installation team have the sit inspection in the Naval Base. Considering the environment condition, local grid situation and maintenance requirement of local users, finally we choose 2pcs of 100kva on and off-grid solar inverter system, These two sets will work in parallel, share one group battery. Need to be noticed, this time we choose the OPZV battery instead of the traditional gel battery, which has more cycle times and longer using life to meet the local bad grid condition.

The configuration of the whole system: 2pcs of BAYKEE off-grid solar inverter TYN33-100KVA, with the 240pcs of OPZV 2V gel battery, 459pcs of 340watts A grade polycrystalline solar panel, on-grid and off-grid transfer cabinet and MPPT solar charge controller cabinet, this time the whole on and off-grid solar inverter we choose 156kw load testing, 90kw load air-conditional load car, 10kw air conditioner for room, the peak load power reaches to 100kw. The latest feedback from the user, the whole system works very well for the whole loads.

Need to be noticed, in the on and off-grid solar PV system, we add the solar panel spraying cleaning system, which automatically cleans the solar panels. The cleaning device periodically cleans the solar panels to ensure the optimal and maximum power utilization from the solar panels to ensure the optimal performance of the solar system. The customer praises this system, as the environment locally is not good, the dust and sand cover the surface of the solar panels, which significantly reduces the efficiency of the solar panels.

This Solar PV system is just one case Baykee has done in Pakistan, the larger solar PV system Baykee has made before is 300kVA,  200kVA, 160kVA, 80kVA, 60kVA, etc. All those successful solar system projects have brought many conveniences for the users. At daytime, the solar offer enough electric power for the average running loads while at nighttime, the battery backup provides the energy to brings light in life of Baykee’s user.

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