MPPT Solar Charge Controller

What is a MPPT solar charger controller?
The MPPT solar controller is called a solar charge and discharge controller or a solar controller. It is used to control the photovoltaic panel to charge the battery and provide a load control voltage device for the voltage sensitive device. The mppt solar charge controller can track the peak power of the solar panel, then extremely used the solar power from the solar panel, to improve the efficiency of the solar panel. It is designed for powering systems in communications or surveillance equipment in remote areas. The controller’s charge control and load control voltage are fully adjustable and can display battery voltage, load voltage, solar array voltage, charge current and load current.

Why it is very important?
The mppt solar charger controller is used in off grid solar inverter system, can be used included the off solar inverter or excluded the off grid solar inverter. When the solar pv panel system is working, the MPPT solar charge controller track the peak power of the solar panel, then charge the battery, the extra solar power then feedback to the equipment of home use or industrial use. When there is no sun power, the battery will recharge via the mppt solar charge controller. In the whole system, the mppt solar charger controller plays very important role, to keep the whole solar pv system work normally, and improve the efficiency of the solar panel. The solar pv system include off grid solar inverter, solar battery, mppt solar charger controller, solar pv panel and some components.

Where the MPPT solar charge controller used?
As mentioned, the Baykee’s best mppt solar charger controller used in the off grid solar pv system. It has great market in the country or city where the electric power is limited, or the electric power is not stable. People or government or related organize will choose the solar pv system as a development plan, to increase the electric power locally, at mean time, extremely take use of local solar power source. What is more, the solar pv system is also very green and clean recyclable energy, it generate the electric power and without any pollution, totally different from the traditional power generate, realize the harmony between the natural and humans. Meanwhile, the applicant of solar pv system locally, give the brighter to the people locally, have improve the quality of people’s life. Meanwhile, promote the local manufacturing and service industry development, improve the local economy standard. In the long term, conducive to the long-term stability of the country and the region.

How is the market of MPPT solar charge controller?
Mppt solar charger controller’s market or even said solar pv system’s market. Around the world,the distribution of solar energy on Earth is related to latitude, altitude, geography and climatic conditions. Resource abundance is generally expressed in terms of total annual radiation (in kilocalories per centimeter per year or kilowatts per centimeter per year) and total annual sunshine hours. Globally, the United States, Southwest Africa, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and other regions have the largest total annual radiation or total sunshine hours, making it the world’s most abundant solar energy resource. So the mppt solar charger controller will have more and more needs for the development of those places.

Baykee as a solar charge controller China best manufacturer, can offer the off grid solar inverter, solar pv panel (mono and poly), solar battery, mppt solar charger controller or the full solar pv system according to clients need, only need the customer offer the detailed solar installation draft and plan for us. Recently, we have many solar project overseas, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Australia, Jamaica even 26 countries and regions.

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