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Hybrid GEL Deep Cycle Battery

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Structure: compact design, shorter internal connectors between cells, thus low internal resistance
Plate: Pasted flat type, with patent deep cycle formula of AM
Terminal: Two or more types terminals are convenient for selection
Vent system: Gas can be vented through flame arrester
Separator: Using improved AGM separator, make lower resistance higher assembling pressure to increase dep cycle life, with the GEL to avoid corrosion of the plate, thus to prolong the life of the battery
Battery case: Made of high strength ABS and UL94-V0 is optional
Terminal sealing: Double sealing technics (mechanical + epoxy glue)

  • Photovoltaic/wind Energy
  • UPS/EPS/Inverter
  • Light Electric power supply
  • Electric tools/toys
  • Wheelchairs
  • Illumination light
  • Fire alarms
  • Portable power