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High Power Series UPS

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This series UPS can provide better solution for the different power problems, such as transient voltage sag, damped oscillation, high voltage pulse, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, noise wave interference, frequency fluctuation and others. Providing more reliable protection for the application and UPS itself.

The 1-3KVA Baykee High Power Series (HP series) UPS. 

  • The three-level technique and soft switch design.
  • Active power factor correction (APFC).
  • The input PFC can be higher as 0.99.
  • High energy density ratio.
  • Reduce the UPS machine size very much.
  • Less occupy the space in the server room.
  • The digital control makes UPS with much more stable system.
  • The well ability of self-defensive and fault diagnosis.
  • Different power configuration flexibility to achieve a multi-purpose machine, power customized available.
  • Selectable digital charger from 1A~12A, match for different appliance
  • Wide input voltage range: 208/220/230/240V for option.
  • High efficiency up to 95.5%, lower power loss and save cost.
  • Output power factor up to 1.0, as an industry leader, super high load efficiency.
  • Green power ECO mode, power efficiency up to 98.5%
  • Smart adjustable setting, support voltage compensation of output to transformer
Rated Capacity1KVA/1000W2KVA/2000W3KVA/3000W
Input Formats L+N+PE
Rated Input Voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Voltage Range 110~300VAC ( 110~176VAC, 280~300VAC) power limited
Frequency Range 50/60Hz±6Hz±10Hz (setable)
Input Power Factor ≥0.99
Input Harmonic Distortion ≤3% THD (linear load), ≤5% THD (non-linear load) PF=0.8
Output Formats L+N+PE
Output Voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Output Accuracy ±1%
Output Frequency AC mode: same as AC, Battery mode: 50/60Hz±1%
Output Harmonic Distortion ≤1% THD (linear load), ≤3% THD (non-linear load) PF=0.8
Output Power Factor 1
Transform Time AC mode to Batt. Mode:0ms
Load Capacity AC Mode: 
30min@102%~110% Load
 10min@110%~130% Load 
30s@130%~150% Load
 200ms@>150% Load 
Battery Mode:
 1min@102%~110% Load 
10s@110%~130% Load 
3s@130%~150% Load 
200ms@>150% Load 
AC Mode Full load efficiency 94.5%@220VACFull load efficiency 95.5%@220VACFull load efficiency 95.5%@220VAC
Battery Mode Full load efficiency 89.5%@36VDCFull load efficiency 91.5%@72VDCFull load efficiency 91.5%@96VDC
Battery Quantity 2×9Ah36V6x7Ah72V8x7Ah96V
Backup Time Depend on user's requirement and configuration
Charge Current HP 1KS-3KS: 1.0A(default), 1-2A(adjustable) HP1KL - 3KL: 5.0A(default), 1-12A(adjustable)
Ambient Temperature 0~40°C
Ambient Humidity 20%~95% (No Condensation)
Storage Temperature ­15~60°C (Battery:0~40°C)
Altitude ˂1000m,Derating at above 1000m, maximum 4000m, Refer to IEC62040
LCD Working mode/load/battery power/input/output etc.
StandardsEN/IEC 61000, EN/IEC 62040, GB/T4943, YD/T 1095, TLC etc
Case size (LˣWˣH) 285ˣ144ˣ225395ˣ144ˣ225410ˣ190ˣ325395ˣ144ˣ225
Weight(KG) 9.25516 (48V) /
 24 (72V)
8.5(48V)24.2 (72V) / 
28.2 (96V)
9 (1 pc)
Interface1ˣUSB, 1ˣRS232, 1ˣEPO
  • IT and Network equipment
  • Production line control in factory
  • Small and Medium-sized data centers
  • Computer Server room
  • Embedded and Automatic Control System
  • Telecommunication base station Automatic control system
  • Electrical and railway signaling systems
  • Security system
  • Television broadcast system
  • Office and Business Equipment
  • Office computer and Printer Scanner and MPOS