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In 2018, Baykee, as one of only six companies, joined the select group of Nobel International Partners, with the aim to share knowledge broadly, inspire people across borders and generations to engage in science and shed light on our time's greatest challenges. The partners program operates in collaboration with the Stockholm-based "Nobel Prize Outreach" organization, the global outreach arm of the Nobel Foundation, whose annual prizes in physics, chemistry, and other fields recognize the world's most transformative breakthroughs. 

As a Nobel International Partner, Baykee brings its deep experience in science, innovation and research, and its commitment to innovation to the "Nobel Prize Outreach" global programs – activities that extend the reach of the Nobel Prize to millions of students, decision makers and intellectually curious members of the public around the world.

The partnership outreach programs include inspirational events, digital media and special exhibitions and activities related to the hundreds of Nobel Laureates since the year 1901, and the legacy of Alfred Nobel, the 19th century Swedish chemist, engineer and inventor on whose inspiration and fortune the Nobel prizes were established. The activities, in which Baykee has participated, include the Nobel Prize Dialogues – annual events in world capitals that bring Nobel Laureates, scholars, inventors and other great thinkers together with the public to discuss solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.


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